Best and Excellent Dog Training/Boarding School in Hyderabad, Telangana

We would like to introduce our facility as one of the best, successful and Eco friendly facility for Training / Boarding in the country. Progressive Canines is situated in the outer part of the city away from noise and pollution which differs from other dog training and boarding facilities because we look for perfection and quality, but not quantity. That is why, we, at Progressive Canines have 100 well equipped kennels with experienced staff giving our quality time for each pet, which includes grooming, walking, exercise, customized feeding and regular veterinary check-up. All the methods used in the pet’s training are mostly motivational, using positive reinforcement with minimal corrections. We teach dogs to understand the correct behavior by classical and operant conditioning techniques (using food or toys as rewards to teach behaviors). At Progressive Canines, we specialize in and practice Dog Training via humane methods. We despise methods which involves hitting, forcing or any such inhumane methods which is stressful for your dog as well as you. Our training program involves the owner as much as the pet. Your pet enjoys the training and the toys, while you get a treat of watching your dog doing all the skills and tricks you wanted him to learn. All in all, we ensure your pet has a comfortable and memorial stay at our pet training and boarding facility. It is our pleasure that many owners leave their pet for a holiday even when they are in town !!! For Progressive Canines, Chandra Shekar (CEO & Owner) Certified Canine Behaviorist and Trainer, The Northern Center For Canine Behavior, UK International Competitor Top Scorer in PSA Trials

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