Train The Trainer​

At Progressive Canines, we are dedicated to nurturing the next generation of skilled and compassionate dog trainers through our exclusive “Train the Trainer” program. This specialized training course is thoughtfully designed to equip aspiring trainers with the expertise and techniques necessary to excel in the dynamic world of canine training. Led by our team of experienced and certified trainers, this comprehensive program offers a blend of theory and practical hands-on learning, empowering participants with the knowledge and skills to train dogs effectively and build meaningful connections with their human companions.Our “Train the Trainer” program features a comprehensive curriculum that covers the fundamentals of dog training and behavior analysis.

Participants dive deep into the principles of positive reinforcement training, learning how to motivate and guide dogs using reward-based methods. The curriculum also encompasses various training techniques, including obedience training, agility training, and behavioral modification strategies, preparing participants to address a wide range of canine needs and challenges. we believe that practical experience is paramount in becoming a successful dog trainer. Our “Train the Trainer” program provides ample hands-on learning opportunities, allowing participants to work directly with dogs under the watchful guidance of our seasoned trainers. This practical exposure enables participants to gain invaluable insights into canine behavior and tailor their training approaches to suit individual dogs’ unique personalities and learning styles.

Effective communication is the cornerstone of successful dog training. In our program, participants learn how to effectively communicate with dogs and establish strong bonds with both the canines and their owners. Participants develop the skills to convey clear instructions and educate dog owners on the principles of positive reinforcement, enabling them to foster an environment of trust and understanding in their training sessions.Upon successful completion of the “Train the Trainer” program, participants receive a prestigious certification as qualified dog trainers. This certification serves as a testament to their expertise and dedication to the art of canine training. Moreover, our commitment to our graduates extends beyond the completion of the program. We provide ongoing support, mentorship, and resources to empower them to flourish in their careers as professional dog trainers.

At Progressive Canines, our “Train the Trainer” program is not just about teaching techniques; it is about instilling a profound passion for dogs and nurturing a genuine desire to positively impact their lives. We take immense pride in fostering a community of compassionate and skilled trainers who, in turn, inspire a world of happier, healthier, and harmonious human-canine relationships.

Our Process


Fundamentals of Dog Training

Learn positive reinforcement methods and understand canine behavior analysis


Hands-On Learning Experience

Work directly with dogs, gaining practical skills under expert guidance.


Effective Courses & Certification

Master communication with dogs and owners, earn a certified dog trainer title.

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