Our Founders

our Founders

At Progressive Canines, we believe in unleashing the full potential of every dog through positive and progressive training methods. Our founder's vision is to empower both dogs and their owners to thrive in harmony.

A Belgian Malinois dog named Prakramikas Czar stands proudly, embodying strength and intelligence, with a sleek tan coat and an alert expression.
Mantravadi Chandra Shekar

Mantravadi Chandra Shekar is an accomplished dog trainer based in Hyderabad, recognized for his expertise, dedication, and innovative approaches in the field of canine training. As the founder of Progressive Canines, he has established himself as a leading figure, emphasizing ethical training methods that prioritize the well-being of dogs and their owners.

Progressive Canines
Progressive Canines Madulika
Co - Founder

Hello, I’m Dr. Madhulika, a dedicated Consultant Pediatric Surgeon with a passion for both human and furry companions. Alongside my medical profession, I wear multiple hats in the realm of pet care.

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