Dog Swimming Pool

Dog Swimming Pool

Dive into Canine Joy: Our Dog Swimming Pool Experience.

    Safety First, Fun Always:

    Our dog swimming pool is designed with your pet's safety as the top priority. The pool features shallow and gradual entry points, ensuring that dogs of all sizes and swimming abilities can enjoy the water safely. Certified lifeguards are present to monitor activities, allowing your furry friend to splash, paddle, and play in a secure and controlled environment.

    Individualized Swim Sessions:

    Tailoring the swimming experience to each dog's comfort level is our specialty. We offer individualized swim sessions that allow our staff to work closely with your pet. From beginner dogs learning to navigate the water to seasoned swimmers enjoying a leisurely paddle, our goal is to create an environment where every dog can benefit from the physical and mental perks of aquatic activity.

    Aquatic Exercise for Health and Happiness:

    Swimming is not only a great source of fun for dogs but also an excellent form of low-impact exercise. Our pool provides a buoyant environment that supports joint health and muscle strength. Whether your dog is a natural swimmer or a first-time paddler, our experienced staff is on hand to guide and encourage, making each swimming session a positive and health-enhancing experience.

    Hydrotherapy and Rehabilitation Programs:

    Our dog swimming pool isn't just for play—it's also a resource for therapeutic benefits. We offer hydrotherapy and rehabilitation programs for dogs recovering from injuries or surgeries. The buoyancy of water reduces stress on joints, aiding in the recovery process. Our trained professionals create custom programs to help your dog regain strength, mobility, and overall well-being.

    Swimming at Progressive Canines offers a refreshing and beneficial experience for your beloved pets. The safety and well-being of our canine clients are our top priorities, which is why we require important medical records, including anti-rabies, deworming, canal cough, oral anti-tick, and 7 in 1 vaccinations, to be submitted by the pet owners before they participate in swimming sessions.Upon arrival at our facility, our attentive staff performs a thorough check to ensure that each dog is in good health. We pay close attention to any signs of skin infections or other health concerns, especially if the owner or veterinarian has indicated any specific issues.

    During the swimming session, we monitor the dogs closely to determine their level of activity and comfort.Our experienced trainers are present in the pool to guide and support the dogs, helping them get used to the swimming procedure and ensuring their safety at all times.For pet owners looking for additional pampering, we offer an optional add-on service of blow drying and a shampoo bath, which is charged separately. 

    This luxurious treatment leaves your furry friend feeling fresh, clean, and rejuvenated after their swimming experience.Swimming is an excellent exercise for dogs, providing both physical and mental stimulation. It is especially beneficial for dogs with joint issues or older pets who may require low-impact activities to stay active. Our swimming sessions are tailored to the individual needs of each dog, making it a delightful and enjoyable experience for all.At Progressive Canines, we strive to provide a safe, fun, and rejuvenating swimming experience for your pets. With our expert guidance and attention to detail, you can rest assured that your furry companion will have a delightful time in the pool, benefiting from a healthy and fulfilling activity that contributes to their overall well-being.

    Our Process

    Dive into Canine Joy: Our Dog Swimming Pool Experience.

    Medical Records Submission
    Poolside Check And Training
    Optional Pampering Add-Ons.