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Mantravadi Chandra Shekhar: A Dog Trainer Like No Other

Article: When Mantravadi Chandra Shekhar was a teenager, he fell in love not just with dogs, but with the concept of ‘communicating’ with dogs. The idea that dogs could understand what he would say amused him, and he wanted to take it up as a career.

However, his passion faced an unexpected hurdle. His grandfather had firmly stated that it was either going to be him or a dog that would stay in the house. Despite this challenge, Mantravadi Chandra Shekhar persevered, driven by his love for dogs and his desire to understand and communicate with them.

Today, he stands out as a dog trainer like no other, known for his unique approach and deep connection with his canine companions. His journey from a teenager with a dream to a respected dog trainer is an inspiring tale of dedication and passion.

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A School for Your Pooch: Inside the World of Professional Dog Trainer Mantravadi Chandrashekhar

Article: Aboarding school for dogs that has it all! To call Mantravadi Chandrashekhar a dog aficionado would be a gross understatement. His love for dogs has allowed him to make a giant impact on how dogs are trained in India. Juveria Tabassum discovers more…

In Hayathnagar, Hyderabad, professional dog trainer, Mantravadi Chandrashekhar runs a state-of-the-art facility for training and boarding dogs. In the field for 18 years now, Chandrashekhar’s first flirt with dog training tells an incredible tale. As a youngster dabbling in dog training, he managed to hide and train a little puppy in his room for over six months to avoid detection from his grandfather who was averse to the idea of a pooch in the house. 

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