Let your pets mingle and make fur-iends! Socialization is the key to happy tails and waggish adventures.

Warm Welcome and Assessment:

Upon arrival, your furry friend will receive a warm and friendly welcome from our dedicated staff. We prioritize creating a positive first impression, ensuring that your dog feels comfortable and secure. Our team will conduct a brief assessment to understand your pet's personality, preferences, and any special needs, allowing us to tailor their lodging experience accordingly.

Customized Accommodations:

Every dog is unique, and we understand the importance of providing accommodations that suit their individual needs. During check-in, we discuss your dog's preferences and habits to tailor their lodging experience. From cozy bedding to favorite toys, we strive to recreate a home-like environment, making your pet feel at ease and ensuring a stress-free stay.

Health and Wellness Check:

The well-being of your dog is our top priority. As part of our check-in process, we perform a health and wellness check to ensure that each guest is in optimal condition. We verify vaccinations, administer any required medications, and note any specific dietary requirements. This comprehensive approach guarantees that your pet's stay is not only enjoyable but also safe and conducive to their overall health.

Clear Communication and Updates:

We believe in transparent and open communication. Our check-in process includes discussing any specific instructions or preferences you may have for your dog's stay. Throughout their time with us, you can expect regular updates, including photos and reports on their activities and well-being. This ensures that you stay connected with your pet and have peace of mind while they enjoy their lodging experience.

Boarding at Progressive Canines is a premium service that ensures the utmost care and comfort for your pets when you need to be away. The process begins with a certain kind of assessment, where we gather important information about your pet, including their preferences, habits, medical history, and any specific requirements. This enables us to provide personalized care that caters to the unique needs of each dog.Before the pet’s boarding period, we conduct a Behavior Assessment to understand their temperament and any potential challenges they may have. This information is shared with pet owners beforehand, ensuring transparency and keeping them informed about their pet’s stay.

To create a positive association with the boarding facility, we offer Trial Boarding, a mandatory step where the pet is called to stay for 2-3 hours. This introductory session allows the pet to familiarize themselves with the environment and build a sense of comfort before their longer stay.Throughout the boarding period, our dedicated team ensures that your pet receives ample care and attention. Mornings are filled with engaging activities, promoting physical and mental stimulation.A nutritious lunch is provided to maintain their well-being throughout the day.To facilitate smooth communication, we maintain a WhatsApp group, connecting pet owners and trainers.

 In this group, we share updates, videos, and photos, allowing owners to stay connected with their pets and witness their well-being first-hand.Our 24-hour check-out rule ensures that you can collect your pet at your convenience. A 1-hour levy is applied beyond the 24-hour period to accommodate any extra care or late pickups. Weekly updates are provided, keeping you informed about your pet’s activities, health, and overall experience during their stay. Additionally, the frequency of these updates may vary based on the climate, ensuring your pet’s well-being during changing weather conditions.At Progressive Canines, we go above and beyond to ensure that your pets have a comfortable and enjoyable boarding experience. With personalized attention, a nurturing environment, and regular updates, you can trust that your beloved furry friend is in the best hands while you are away.

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