Dog Training & Boarding

Dog Training & Boarding

Comprehensive Dog Training & Boarding: Tailored Services for Your Furry Companion.

Personalized Training Programs:

Our dog training and boarding services are designed to meet the unique needs of your canine companion. We offer personalized training programs tailored to your dog's personality, age, and specific behavior challenges. From basic obedience to advanced commands, our experienced trainers work closely with your pet to ensure a customized approach for a successful and enjoyable training experience.

Continuous Socialization Opportunities:

Socialization is a key aspect of our training and boarding services. We facilitate regular interaction with other well-mannered dogs, promoting positive social behavior and reducing anxiety. Whether during playtime, group walks, or training sessions, your dog will have the chance to develop essential social skills in a controlled and supervised environment.

Home-Like Boarding Facilities:

When your dog stays with us, they become part of our extended family. Our boarding facilities provide a comfortable, home-like environment, ensuring that your pet feels safe and secure during their stay. With spacious accommodations, interactive play areas, and dedicated staff, we strive to make your dog's time away from home an enriching and positive experience.

Regular Updates and Communication:

We understand the importance of keeping you informed about your dog's progress. Our team provides regular updates on your pet's training milestones, daily activities, and overall well-being. Open communication ensures that you have peace of mind, knowing that your furry friend is in capable hands and receiving the individualized attention they deserve.

Training and Boarding at Progressive Canines is a comprehensive service designed to cater to the behavioral and developmental needs of dogs. This two-in-one offering provides expert training to address behavioral challenges and enhance obedience while providing a safe and comfortable boarding environment when pet owners need to be away.The process begins with a thorough behavior assessment of each dog to understand their unique needs and challenges. Based on this evaluation, a personalized training plan is created, tailored to address specific behavioral issues and enhance obedience skills. The training plan is carefully designed to ensure that each dog receives the attention and guidance needed to make progress.

Once the training plan is finalized, the dogs engage in training sessions with our skilled trainers. These sessions focus on positive reinforcement, using rewards and encouragement to motivate the dogs and foster a strong bond with their human handlers. Throughout the training process, regular follow-up sessions are scheduled to assess progress and make any necessary adjustments to the plan.For pet owners who need to be away, Progressive Canines provides a secure and nurturing boarding facility. During their stay, dogs are looked after by a dedicated team of professionals who ensure that their needs are met with utmost care and attention. The boarding experience is designed to be comfortable and enjoyable for each dog, with activities and structured routines to keep them engaged and happy.

To keep pet owners informed and engaged, Progressive Canines provides weekly updates on their dogs’ progress. Owners receive videos and reports detailing the training sessions and improvements observed during their stay. Additionally, three free follow-up classes are offered to help reinforce the training when the dogs return home.As a result of the comprehensive training and attentive boarding, dogs return home with enhanced obedience, improved behaviors, and increased confidence. Reunions with their owners are filled with joy and pride, as they witness the positive changes in their beloved pets.Training and Boarding at Progressive Canines are centered around creating harmonious relationships between dogs and their human companions. Through expert guidance, positive reinforcement, and a loving boarding environment, each dog is given the opportunity to flourish and become a well-behaved, happy, and cherished member of their family.

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