Carpe Diem

The post announces the 2024 PSA Club Trials in Hyderabad, highlighting the theme "Carpe Diem." It invites skilled dog handlers and trained canines to showcase their talents, promising two days of sportsmanship and camaraderie. With progressive evolution in dog sports, the event offers ample participation opportunities and boasts Canaan Pet Resort as its sponsor. For more details, check the contacts provided.



Progressive Canines PSA club is thrilled to announce the second edition of their PSA Club trials in February 2024. This year’s theme is based on the latin word – “Carpe Diem”

Join us for our upcoming PSA Trial, where we celebrate the incredible talents of some of the highly trained dogs and skilled handlers in the country !!

This trial will be a showcase of Handler & canine skills, from obedience and protection to teamwork. Whether you’re a seasoned handler or a first-time participant, this event promises to be an exciting two days for all. Mark your calendar and stay tuned for more details as we prepare for a fantastic day of sportsmanship and camaraderie !!

PSA as a dog sports format has evolved significantly in our country in the last few years and trials like these provides dog-handler teams to showcase their talent and at the same time also provide ample participation opportunities !!

We also have a host of other events & activities lined up along with the trial, so keep watching for this space !

We are also proud to announce our first sponsor – Kumar Rich for this event. Thank you !

Registrations are currently open and enquiries can be done on the numbers below

Sivaditya – 99081 83990
Mantravadi Chandra Shekar – 90000 04099

🗓️ Trial Dates – 24th & 25th Feb 2024

Our Senior Decoy

And equally excited to have @j.ricciok9 who has agreed to be the senior decoy at the upcoming PSA trials in Feb 2024 hosted by @progressivecanines_psa_club !!

Our Judge

Carpe Diem Pleased to let you all know that David Pappalardo will be our judge at the upcoming trials in Feb 2024 hosted by @progressivecanines_psa_club !!

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