EliteK9 Guardians

At Progressive Canines, we offer a highly specialized service that involves hand-selecting dogs and providing them with individual and professional training to serve as narcotics detection and police dogs. Our focus is on matching these well-trained dogs with capable handlers, ensuring a personalized and effective partnership that leads to a strong bond and a harmonious team-oriented relationship.The process begins with careful selection of the dogs, which undergo rigorous testing for temperament and suitability for their specific roles. We meticulously assess each dog’s personality and behavioral traits to ensure they are well-suited for narcotics detection and police work. Additionally, we consider the specific community and environment in which these dogs will operate, making sure they are adaptable and responsive to various situations.

Once the dogs are chosen, our team of experienced trainers takes over to provide comprehensive and personalized instruction. The training process is tailored to each dog’s unique abilities and challenges, ensuring that they receive the individual attention and guidance needed to excel in their roles. We address specific training problems with individual critiques, helping handlers gain confidence in their dogs’ abilities and reinforcing the bond between them. Our training program is designed to be thorough and rigorous, equipping the dogs with the skills and instincts required for narcotics detection and police work. From learning to identify specific scents and alerting to potential drug finds to executing obedience commands and performing police duties, the dogs are trained to be highly proficient and reliable.

Moreover, we emphasize the importance of building a strong team-oriented relationship between the dogs and their handlers. This partnership is critical in ensuring seamless coordination during operations, fostering trust and effective communication between the two. At Progressive Canines, we take great pride in our service, knowing that the dogs we select and train play a significant role in maintaining safety and security in their communities. By providing personalized training and ensuring a strong bond between the dogs and their handlers, we create a force that is efficient, dependable, and dedicated to serving and protecting the public.

Our Process


Temperament Testing

Careful selection of dogs and rigorous assessment of their personality and suitability for narcotics detection and police work.


Professional Training

Comprehensive and personalized instruction tailored to each dog’s abilities and challenges, ensuring proficiency in their roles.


Building Bonds

Pairing well-trained dogs with skilled handlers to create an efficient and dedicated team-oriented relationship for effective law enforcement and protection.

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